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Hey everyone! If you knew us from the days of our Beta version you might have wondered what we’ve been up to. The short answer: retooling, collaborating, redesigning, dreaming bigger, reaching farther. ‘No pain, no gain’ isn’t just a catchy, overused slogan. As anyone who’s accomplished anything worthwhile knows, there’s an unfortunate amount of truth in those words. But here we are, making gains! And we are stoked about all the communities that are and will be gaining right along with us. Because for us that’s what it’s all about; seeing your hometowns--and our hometowns--position themselves for growth. Shining with pride and creating a place where our kids want to stay and raise their own.

2019 was big for us!

We really got our footing and hit the ground running. Early in the year we rolled out our new MVP (minimum viable produce) and partnered with some visionary communities across Indiana. Communities that were ready to lead by connecting and promoting their entire region on a whole new level. Benton County Indiana was one of the first to join, followed by Madison and Blackford Counties. We consider these, and our other early adopters, Pioneers on the new frontier of community promotion. Yeah we know that description is a bit romantic but that’s really how we see them! The way our dynamic platform works has truly never been done in the industry of community and event promotion. (We will have to write about that soon, but if you want a little more on how What’sUp works, pop by our Vimeo page.

2020 is also full of change and growth:

Already we have gained another early adopter in Warren County Indiana! And for our 2019 partners, all of the What’sUp widgets (website plug-ins) on everyone’s community sites are beginning to populate with local businesses, and local and regional events and destinations. We will provide links to some of their websites at the end of this post so you can see all their hard work. And while you are at it, find some fun places and things to do. Plan a day trip based on what you find there! There are gems in all of them waiting to be discovered by you.

What’sUp gets a facelift:

Whatsup247.com and our Website Widgets are getting a brand new look and added functionality. New features will include social sharing, in system ticketing options and so much more!

The What’sUp fambam is growing:

Recently we’ve added a few more rockstars to our programming team to finalize the aforementioned facelift and upgrades. And we do mean rockstars...maybe we will introduce them to you someday so you can fawn over them right along with us. We are also excited to be partnering with a local couple that we’ve dubbed the ‘What’sUp 24/7 Ambassadors’ - they are your personal hype team! In a nutshell, their job is to visit select communities partnering with What’sUp 24/7. And then promote those communities through our blog and social media. (Check out the details here!)

Finally, as promised, see how our 2019 Early Adopters are doing!

Check out some of the websites in their communities - their sites are starting to populate and dynamically update  as more businesses and organizations subscribe to What’sUp 24/7. By the way, this is all made possible by their visionary leadership. These communities purchased a What’sUp Enterprise Subscription, so that they could ‘gift’ What’sUp 24/7 to all the organizations and businesses in their county for a designated amount of time. In Blackford County it is paid for by their County Commissioners. In Madison County a philanthropic donation was made by Ascension St. Vincent in Anderson. And in Benton County it’s their Chamber of Commerce that is sponsoring their communities. These are only a few options for funding What'sUp in your community, so if you see the vision and want in, let's talk!

Blackford County
Hartford City Website - Events Page (directory and destinations also under "things to do")
Montpelier Website - Events Page (directory and destinations also under "community")
Local Paper - Positively Balckford - Events Page

Madison County
Madison County Health Department - Events (also, their health directory and destinations under "resources")
Alexandria-Monroe Public Library (AMPL) - Events Page
Town of Frankton Website - Events Page (directory and destinations are also in the header)

Benton County
The Town of Fowler Website - Events Page (destinations and directory also under "community")
The Town of Boswell Website - Events Page
Blackford County Website - Events Page (directory and destinations also under "community")
Benton 4 Business Website - Business Directory Page (events and destinations also under "community")

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