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How To: Create What'sUp Website Widget(s) for Calendars, Directories, and Destination Listings

What's a Website Widget? What'sUp 24/7 Widgets are plug-ins for your website that allow you to display: Event calendar(s):  Promote your organization's events only and/or the events of organizations that you are co-promoting. A local business directory:  Promote organizations in your zip code and/or organizations you are co-promoting. A listing of area destinations:  Promote destinations in your zip code and/or destinations of organizations you are co-promoting. Example: What'sUp 24/7 Event Widget on See How It's Done: Step-by-step Instructions: Login to What'sUp 24/7. If you help manage multiple organizations, you can click the User Profile icon to ensure you have the correct organization selected. From the main menu in the upper right, click "Organization," then "Create Widget." Click the "Select" button on whichever widget you'd like to create (Event, Directory or Destination). Use the checkboxes "D

How To: Create a Free, Personal Account on

Why do you need a personal account?  For those part of an organization:  Anyone that wants to accept various roles in a What'sUp organization (i.e. member, administrator, owner, etc.) will need a personal account. This is also the first step in taking ownership* of an organization on What'sUp 24/7. *Taking ownership means you become an owner of an organization that is listed on, that you own, but that you did not originally register for. For our end users (patrons looking for events, businesses and attractions): Currently, this means that we will save your search area, based on zip code. Coming soon , this will mean you can access new features that will allow you to create and customize notifications, rsvp to events, follow events and organizations for updates, and more! See How It's Done: Step-by-step Instructions: Start here . Enter your name, email, password and zip code and hit the "create account" button. You are in - welcome to the What's