How To: Create a Recurring Event

See How It's Done:

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Login to What'sUp 24/7.

  2. (If you help manage multiple organizations): Click the User Profile icon to ensure the correct organization is selected.

  3. In the main menu select “Organization,” then “List of Events”

  4. Select “Create New Event” (or hit the edit icon to change an existing event)

  5. For a recurring event, select your start date and time as your very first event, and your end date as the very last occurrence. 

  6. In the “Event Repeats” dropdown, select the appropriate recurrence schedule.

  7. Continue filling in your event details and save (or update) your changes when you are done.

Note: If you have an event that doesn't fit the format (e.g. the fourth occurrence of your every 2nd Tuesday meeting needs to move to a Wednesday), navigate back to “List of Events,” find the single event that needs to change, click the event edit icon, and choose to edit that individual event

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