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What'sUp 24/7 Travel Writers (Your Personal Hype Squad)

At What’sUp 24/7, the goal for our community partners is two fold. First, we want optimum connectivity internally, and to other communities in your region (because together we are stronger amiright?!). And second, we want to increase awareness. We want eyeballs on the unique quality of life and quality of place you offer. Our community promotion platform does exactly those things. But we are taking it a step further by personally advertising some of our early adopting partners, and having some fun with you along the way!

Coming soon to a town near you* are the What’sUp 24/7 Travel Writers (your Personal Hype Squad). Their job is to visit select What’sUp 24/7 Communities, experience all their ‘best kept secrets,’ and share them with the world through blogging and social media!

If we’ve got your attention and you want in on this opportunity, here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: You host our Travel Writers (your Hype Squad!): This looks different for every community. But think about things people would do while on a day trip or an overnight stay in your area. Where are the best places to dine, have a cup of coffee, shop? Is there a specific annual event you want promoted? What unique destinations do you have in your area? What lodging would you show off? Tell us what you’d feature, who is ready to host us, and together we will work out a custom itinerary.

STEP TWO: Your Hype Squad (our Travel Writers) experience the best you have to offer and they tell everyone about it: During their stay, our writers will document their good times in your community. In true millennial fashion they will take lots of photos of themselves having a great time. But also photos of your town, the sites you send them to, their lodging, and food, that perfect cup of coffee, the list goes on. They will post on our Instagram and Facebook stories about their experiences. Tagging the various organizations and locations as they go. And at the end they blog about it all. Then that blog gets shared across all our social platforms and on

STEP THREE: OK there really isn’t a ‘step three.’ But now you have extra awareness and media about your community that you can leverage and multiply by sharing across your own social media and websites. It’s a great way to roll out What’sUp 24/7 in your community because it creates extra up-front incentives for businesses and organizations. And it generates public awareness and excitement on all the popular social media platforms and beyond.

**If you are a What’sUp Community and you want to get on our schedule for a Hype Squad visit, send an email here.**

 Get to know The What'sUp Travel Writers
(your Personal Hype Squad)

Here to tell you about themselves is one half of the squad, freelance writer, April Brown:

April & CJ Brown
I’m beyond excited to be joining the What’sUp 24/7  team! I’ve always loved writing and traveling, so this is an amazing opportunity to do both. I was born in Colorado and met my husband in Kansas. Less than a week after our wedding we traveled the country with a band he was drumming for. He’s from a very small town and I’m from a really big city (read more about that here). We are opposite in almost every way but balance each other out perfectly. CJ and I love taking trips to discover hidden gems in underrated towns. We can’t wait to visit some What’sUp Communities and write about what we find!

*At the origin of this post, ‘coming soon to a town near you’ speaks to those in and around Indiana. But we are gearing up for nationwide growth. Soon ‘near you’ will truly be all inclusive. So we are also on the lookout for more travel writers in other regions. If you are interested in becoming one of our What'sUp 24/7 Travel Writers, drop us a line. Include some writing samples and where you are located and willing to travel to. Send inquiries here.

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